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            Who Is Marques The Writer?

Marques The Writer is a three-time bestselling author and motivational speaker that has been in the publishing industry professionally for 20 years. He first developed his love for writing during his freshman year of high school, which was spawned by his insatiable love for being able to teach and expand the thought process of others through the power of the written word.


Immediately following high school, Marques The Writer authored his debut book entitled, “The Man Who Dared To Dream” while also taking on a full-time schedule as a Journalism major. His strong gift for writing and editing allowed him to rapidly build a professional writing career, well before he earned his degree.


His sharp mind and natural ability to articulate his thoughts not only led him to become an editor at the ASU-Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, which led to him becoming a very notable journalist in Phoenix, AZ.


Marques The Writer is credited for authoring: The Man Who Dared To Dream, The Musicians Manual To Effective Media Coverage, The Indie Guide: 2013 Edition, The Spiritual World And How It Influences Your Everyday Life, Satan’s Lies: Exposed, Pimp C: The Untold Story Of Chad Butler, 56 Life Lessons For Teens, and his recent motivational book entitled Billion Dollar Mindset.


The savvy writer never planned to become a motivational speaker, but while he was steadily reaching accomplishment after accomplishment as writer, he was still dealing with real-life issues that pushed him right to it.


He was dealing with depression that dated back to his early childhood and also struggled with ways that he adopted from growing up in poverty such as drug dealing, gang banging, and other detrimental ways that are often picked up while being raised in the hood.


God took his time with Marques The Writer, broke him all the way down, and stripped away his bad ways. In the process, God taught him a lot of lessons and instilled an immeasurable amount of wisdom into-the type of wisdom that you don’t learn from a textbook.


Now, Marques The Writer is heavily regarded as a very powerful motivational speaker because not only does he motivate, but he also instills a great deal of wisdom into his messages. He stands heavily on the quote by Jim Rohn, “Motivation alone is not enough. If you have an idiot and you motivate him, now you have a motivated idiot”. So whether he is teaching by speech or seminar, you are guaranteed to walk away with an abundance of wisdom that you can apply to your daily life.


Marques The Writer has a special love for teaching kids and helping them to correct destructive thinking patterns and behaviors before it is too late. He is a very down to earth type of person who has seen almost everything that there is to see firsthand, so the audience often finds it easy to connect with him (as opposed to a person that teaches merely from what they heard).


Marques The Writer is very proactive with his motivational speaking career. He consistently releases videos on YouTube, conducts speaking engagements and seminars under his imprint “Destined For Greatness” (for kids) with an online course launching October 2020, and is very active in his community. He also speaks to little league sports teams and churches, encouraging them to lead their best lives. Billion Dollar Mindset was released on June 8, 2020.  He is in the process of releasing another book and Christian Hip-Hop album, both entitled, Blessed And Highly Motivated.

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